Late to Rise

Copyright 2010 by Carl Garrett

When Patience Randolph awoke to find herself back in the oak four-poster from which she had disappeared a hundred years before, she did not shout or dance or weep with joy, for she had learned, over time, the value of restraint. She sat up, breathed deeply the air of liberty, and looked with pity upon the ancient wedding portrait that hung on the wall to the left. The groom cast a black-eyed smile. The bride’s expression was blank, but Patience knew to look in the eyes, saw the blazing terror and confusion that shone in them.

“He will be very cruel to you” she explained to her deliverer, “But as you can see, some day he will find another who strikes his fancy more, and you will be free. Do your best to take comfort from that.” And Patience went out to see how the world had changed.

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