Nothing Left to Give

Copyright 2010 By Carl Garrett

Sandra tried to hide her distaste at her latest case. The teenage girl sitting across from her was skeletal except for the round bulge of pregnancy, a drug-ravaged wreck of humanity. Sandra had long ago discarded the idealism that first led her to take this job, now was glad for the barrier that her desk created between herself and the girl’s dirt and despair.

“So,” continued the girl in a blank monotone, “This new baby can’t get me no more help.”

Sandra couldn't help the stab of satisfaction she felt as she replied, “I’m sorry, that’s correct. Your assistance qualifications don’t cover a sixth child.”

“Well, then,” the girl replied, a darkness in her voice that Sandra should have recognized, “I guess there ain’t no point.”

Sandra’s reflexes were quick, but the girl’s were too as she raised the blade above her belly, and the desk was between them.


Mother's day

Copyright 2009 by Carl Garrett

“I know I owe you a great debt, Mother,” said Lewis, unmindful of the chaos around him. “Most parents would have left it at putting headphones on their belly and playing Mozart. Not you. Special drugs for advanced musculo-skeletal growth. Electrode implants to speed the development of the neural cortex. I am what I am today because of you. I hope you don't think me ungrateful.”

Mother smiled in reply.

Lewis blinked in the brightness of a new world, shivered in the sterile hospital chill. He gazed at the bloody, ravaged body that he had so recently torn his way out of. He smiled back at her, but for different reasons.